OpenWorld 2013 in a box

This year's OpenWorld had major focus on data warehousing and big data. To help you find and download the most important presentations from the conference I have put together a new guide -  OpenWorld 2013 in a box.

This new guide is a follow-up to the Must-See guides that were published ahead of the conference. All the sessions listed in those conference guides are included in this new OpenWorld 2013 in a box guide. This new booklet is divided into the following sections

  • Overview - links to main keynotes
  • Database 12c - George Lumpkin, VP of Product Management talks about the exciting new features in Oracle Database 12c
  • Must-Download presentations- presentations delivered by the product management and development teams along with key customer presentations.
  • Links - everything you need to keep up to date on Oracle’s strategy and products for data warehousing and big data.

The list of must-download presentations is broken down into the following categories:

  • General - covers roadmaps, strategy and data models 
  • Performance and Scalability - covers partitioning, optimizer and tuning
  • In-Database Analytics - covers pattern matching, data mining, spatial and graph 
  • Unstructured data - covers text and XML DB 
  • Big Data - covers Big Data Appliance, Hadoop, Connectors, NoSQL Database and R Enterprise

You can download the "OpenWorld in a Box" from here. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Keith,

    Are you guys going to make available the SQL Pattern Matching HOL from Open World? Maybe in the next Developer VM...


  2. Galo,

    Assuming you have access to a 12c instance you can download the setup files and lab notes for the OOW lab by going to the Oracle-By-Example website. See here:,P24_PREV_PAGE:6781,2.

    Hope this helps.



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